Travel Information


The conference will take place at the headquarter of Fundação Getulio Vargas in Botafogo. Botafogo is a beachfront neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, a mostly upper middle class and small commerce community. The place is well-served by public transportation, and counts a number of restaurants and hotels.


The headquarter of FGV is fully air-conditioned, as most public buildings in Rio. In such conditions, a light jacket may be advisable.

Please be aware that entrance to FGV is not allowed to people wearing flip flop or shorts. Otherwise casual standards are perfectly welcome.


There are two airports in Rio de Janeiro. Most international flights arrive at Rio Galeão – Tom Jobim International Airport (GIG), located in Governador Island, at about 20 km from FGV. The better way to get into the city is to use taxis. There is also a bus service at the cost of approximately 5€. 

Another possibility is to get a shuttle from Galeão to the other airport, Santos Dumont, which is in Rio de Janeiro downtown area. The more convenient airport is Santos Dumont Airport (SDU), but most flights are domestic ones. From SDU, a short run will take you to most hotels as well as to the conference.

At the airports, do not accept offers for transportation, take the legal taxi.


Several hotels agree to propose a limited number of rooms with preferential daily rates for the event. Interested participants are invited to enter in contact directly with the hotels, as soon as possible, mentioning the name of the event.

- Hotel Windsor Florida, located Rua Ferreira Viana, 81 - Flamengo, two metro stations from Fundation Getulio Vargas. Preferential daily rates are R$ 325 for single apartment and R$ 358 for double apartment. Please enter in contact directly with the people responsible, Messias Barboza and Alessia Felice. Phone number: +55 (21) 2195-6800 I e-mail:

- Hotel Novo Mundo, located Praia do Flamengo, 20 - Flamengo, two metro stations from FGV. Preferential daily rates from R$ 342 (single), R$ 393 (double) and R$ 492 (triple), plus 10% for service charge. Phone number: +55 (21) 2105-7000 I e-mail: 

- Hotel Scorial, located Rua Bento Lisboa, 155 - Catete, one station from FGV. Preferential rates are R$ 270,00 (single), R$ 290,00 (double) and R$ 360,00 (triple). Phone number: +55 (21) 3147-9100 I e-mail:


As in any big urban center, we recommend participants to stay alert concerning their personal safety, avoiding potentially dangerous situations such as carrying valuables, ostensive display of cameras and computers.


The average low and average high temperatures in Rio de Janeiro are around 23 °C (74 °F) and 30 °C (86 °F) in Rio de Janeiro, with an average rainfall of 137 mm (5.400 inches). The temperatures may occasionally become quite hot in Summer, though rarely for long periods, and strong showers are not uncommon.

Please be aware that sun in Brazil is more direct and stronger than for example in Europe, so extra precautions are necessary: do not forget to use protection whenever exposed to the sun. Some areas in Rio have dangerous undertows so you should stay near other bathers and observe the warning flags.